What does the Auckland Refugee Family Trust do?

The Auckland Refugee Family Trust (ARFT) provides financial support for air travel and related costs so that the families of refugee-background people in Auckland can be reunited.

Who can apply?

Refugee background families or individuals in New Zealand can apply for relatives living overseas who already hold a visa to enter New Zealand as residents.

Initially the Trust will prioritise those who have obtained a visa under Tier 1 of the Refugee Family Support Category. Tier 2 applications may also be considered, depending on the financial resources of the Trust at the time. Convention refugees with visas for family members to join them may also apply. 

How will the applications be assessed?

ARFT will assess and prioritise applications from families:

  • with children waiting to be reunited with family members

  • with family members who have a disability

  • with very young or very elderly family members

  • according to the individual situation of the family in New Zealand

  • depending on the level of danger in country of residence overseas

Does a grant need to be repaid?

No, grants do not need to be re-paid. But we will ask that families who benefit from a grant from us consider making a donation to the Trust should their financial situation improve. In this way, they may be able to help reunite other families.

How many family members can be supported?

There is no upper limit to the size of the family group we will support. However, Trust support for large family groups will be subject to us having sufficient funds.

Is there an upper limit on the amount of the grant?

No, but approval is dependent on availability of funds.

How can I obtain an application form?

Request an application form by email from info.arft@gmail.com or write to us at: ARFT, P.O. Box 47008, Ponsonby, Auckland 1144.

What documentation is required in the Application?

Information about the applicant's financial circumstances and employment, the living situation of the family members overseas, supporting documentation such as medical reports and information about other family members in New Zealand. Copies of the approved visas will be requested too.